TU Berlin, June 9-11, 2017


All participants will be required to register to the conference through this registration page.
The registration is handled by TUBS GmbH, TU Berlin ScienceMarketing.

Registration Fees

  • Early registration (by April 30, 2017)
    • academic rate (incl. postdocs): 150€
    • student rate: 110€
  • Regular registration (by May 31, 2017)
    • academic rate (incl. postdocs): 190€
    • student rate: 150€
  • On-site registration: 250€

Student Support

Thanks to a grant from Google, students who plan to attend may apply for a waiver of the registration fee and potentially also travel support. Applications for support must be sent by email to halg2017@math.tu-berlin.de before April 17, 2017. Applications must be in .pdf format and consist of:

  1. a statement and explanation of your interest in attending the conference;
  2. a current CV that includes your contact information, the expected date of the award of your PhD, the institution awarding your PhD, and your advisor's name;
  3. a letter of support for your application written by your advisor on the official letterhead of your institution.

Important: Only register to the conference after notification of acceptance of your application for support (around April 21, 2017).